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5.2 Implementing Consultation Processes

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5.2.1 Aboriginal Early Engagement Process and the Oil Sands Market Study

Facilitates Aboriginal engagement and builds relationships between Enbridge and key communities between Fort McMurray, Alberta, and the north-central west coast of British Columbia.


5.2.2 Aboriginal Engagement Process on Linear Projects

Creates reasonable economic opportunities for affected Aboriginal communities while at the same time respecting Aboriginal rights.


5.2.3 Consultation and Emergency Response Planning (ERP) for Aboriginal Residents

Provides emergency response planning, including consultation, to companies operating in close proximity to Aboriginal residents and communities.


5.2.4 Doing Better Business Effective Consultation and Disclosure

Provides guidance on the principles and process to be followed in public consultation and disclosure with the aim of building not only financially successful projects, but environmentally and socially responsible ones as well.


5.2.5 Legal Principles Surrounding Consultation

Provides an overview of legal principles relating to Aboriginal consultation on Crown land in Alberta for resource developers.

5.2.6 Standards of Consultation

Defines expectations for standards of consultation that will be utilized by First Nations and industry parties who are the signatories to the Athabasca Tribal Council (ATC)/All Parties Core Agreement.

Resource Stewardship Programs

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