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5.1 Strengthening the Knowledge Base

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5.1.1 Air Quality Monitoring and Reporting in the Wood Buffalo Region

Monitors and provides accurate, transparent and understandable information regarding environmental air quality in the Wood Buffalo region of Alberta.   


5.1.2 Best Practices Handbook for Traditional Use Studies

Describes best practices and provides other information that can guide companies and other parties interested in undertaking traditional use studies in Alberta.


5.1.3 Prince Albert Model Forest Integrated Resource Management Model

A partnership of First Nations, industry, governments and public stakeholders for planning and sustainable management of the forest ecosystem and land base through research, education and integrated use of all forest resources.


5.1.4 Assessment of Health of Rivers and Lakes in the Oil Sands Region

Integrates aquatic monitoring activities so that long-term trends, regional issues and potential cumulative effects related to oil sands development can be identified and addressed.


5.1.5 Traditional Cultural Study and Industry Referral Program

Documents traditional information and knowledge, including identification of sensitive cultural sites in the Foothills Model Forest, and facilitates consultation between resource companies and Aboriginal communities.


5.1.6 Traditional Land Use GIS

Assists Aboriginal communities to collect and record traditional land use information that can be used to facilitate and inform planning and management decisions on resource access and development.


Resource Stewardship Programs

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