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4.2 Building and Sustaining Community Relationships

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4.2.1 Aboriginal Child and Family Services Certificate/ Diploma Program

Provides an alternative to mainstream social work education programs utilizing a culturally relevant curriculum with practical solutions for meeting the needs of qualified human service workers.


4.2.2 Alberta’s Future Leaders Program

Provides Aboriginal youth with healthy activities through sport and recreation that renew self-worth and help build leadership in the youth and communities alike. 


4.2.3 Community Vitality Monitoring

A partnership process that involves industry and northern/Aboriginal communities in monitoring and managing the impact of mining on the vitality (social well-being and quality of life) in northern Saskatchewan communities.


4.2.4 Community Wellness Certificate Program

Provides a holistic alternative to mainstream human services education training programs for community wellness workers by incorporating culturally relevant Aboriginal methods of helping.


4.2.5 Conflict Analysis, Prevention, Management and Resolution in Aboriginal Relations

Implements proven conflict prevention, mitigation, containment and resolution techniques to establish, enhance and sustain positive, stable, mutually respectful relations with Aboriginal communities who have an interest in and could be impacted by resource development projects.


4.2.6 Protocol Aspects of Building Aboriginal Relations

Provides guidance in developing protocols for effective and fair methods to build long-term business relationships with Aboriginal communities through collaborative processes.


4.2.7 Sustaining Communities by Improved Business Practice

Helps prioritize development needs and suggests innovative solutions to bridge the gap between business and indigenous peoples.


4.2.8 Sustaining Long-term Aboriginal Business Relations

Helps manage long-term relationships during corporate fluctuations that may influence internal support and priorities for Aboriginal programs.


Community Relations Programs

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