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4.1 Developing Framework Agreements and Cooperation Protocols

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4.1.1 Aboriginal Lands Partnering Agreement

4.1.2 Agreement in Principle with First Nations

Develops a framework document that identifies opportunities and a process for achieving a sustainable long-term relationship between the First Nation (reserve lands) and Graymont Western.


4.1.3 ATC/All Parties Core Agreement

A process whereby First Nation communities and industry work together to achieve orderly industrial development, mitigate impacts and ensure that Aboriginal communities share in the benefits of industrial development.


4.1.4 Athabasca Working Group

Establishes a process for managing the concerns identified by Aboriginal and other northern communities and sharing in the benefits resulting from development of the mining industry in northern Saskatchewan.


4.1.5 Collaborative Partnership with First Nations

A broad agreement with the Alexis First Nation that provides support for capacity development, facilitates participation in the forestry industry and improves the economic and educational prospects of their community.


4.1.6 Community Partnership Model

Provides an innovative community partnership agreement to balance the growing Aboriginal community expectations in northeastern Alberta with the business need for economic performance.


4.1.7 Co-operation Protocol

Establishes a positive relationship through a co-operation protocol for administrative oil and gas referrals in respect to Petro-Canada’s activities in the consultation area.


4.1.8 “Good Neighbour” Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Provides the basis for formalizing communications between the Lesser Slave Lake Indian Regional Council (LSLIRC) and Tolko Industries.


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