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3.3 Programs Sponsored by Government and Non-Profit Agencies

Click on the name of the program (shown in underlined text) to view a detailed description of the program.

3.3.1 Aboriginal Business Canada (ABC)

Promotes the establishment and growth of Aboriginal businesses on a national basis. For eligible applicants, the program provides financial assistance, information, resource materials and referrals to other possible sources of financing or business support. 


3.3.2 Aboriginal Business Development Centre

Assists individual Aboriginal people to gain business experience and skills through an Aboriginal-led non-profit centre.


3.3.3 Aboriginal Business Services Network (ABSN)

Provides the Aboriginal business community with a wide range of business products and services, using information and Internet technologies where possible.


3.3.4 Access to Financing and Management Support

Assists Aboriginal entrepreneurs and businesses by providing access to capital and management support through an Aboriginal loan product, management consulting, and other products.

Link to Program Template (PDF)

3.3.5 First Nations Economic Partnerships Initiative (FNEPI)

Consists of seven related programs designed to increase First Nations participation in the economy by: supporting the development of effective partnerships between First Nations, industry, government and other stakeholders; strengthening First Nations’ economic capacity; and assisting in the development of a viable First Nations private sector. Regional Partnership Development (RPD) Program

Engages regional economic partnerships coordinators at the regional or Tribal Council level to facilitate and support First Nations and industry partnerships. Strategic Economic Initiatives (SEI) Program

Encourages strategic economic initiatives and sustainable economic projects with industry at First Nations regional and community levels. Economic Capacity Building (ECB) Program

Aims to increase the capacity of First Nations and their associated organizations to identify, plan and implement economic development initiatives. First Nations Labour Force Planning Program

Aims to increase the employment of First Nations people at regional and community levels. First Nations Business Management

Strengthens the management of First Nations businesses through increased access to business information and advisory services. Regional Economic Development Alliances and Initiatives

Intended to increase the participation of First Nations in regional economic development alliances and regional economic development initiatives. Business Sector Advisory Services

Extend services provided to other Alberta businesses to First Nations and First Nations businesses (to be implemented in 2006-2007).

3.3.6 INAC Economic Development Programs

Assist First Nations communities and individuals to strengthen their business capabilities and employment skills. Community Economic Opportunities Program (CEOP)

Provides project-based support to those First Nation and Inuit communities that have the best opportunities for public services in economic development. Eligible projects will address the following: employment of community members; business development; development of land and resources under community control; access to opportunities originating with land and resources beyond community control; promoting the community as a place to invest; and research and advocacy. Aboriginal Contract Guarantee Instrument (ACGI)

Provides qualified Aboriginal contractors and service providers with an equivalent to mainstream surety bonding products and services.

3.3.7 NRCan, Canadian Forest Service Programs

Assist status First Nations Bands, Tribal Councils, organizations and any other First Nation group or company seeking to strengthen their economic conditions, business capabilities and employment skills while applying sustainable forest management practices. 

Business Development Programs

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