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3.2 Strengthening Business Capabilities

Click on the name of the program (shown in underlined text) to view a detailed description of the program.

3.2.1 Drilling Rig First Nation Partnerships

Establishes mutually beneficial business partnerships between industry and First Nation and Métis communities for the ownership of state-of-the-art drilling rigs.


3.2.2 Environmental Consulting Business Partnership

Establishes and operates a sustainable, for-profit Aboriginal environmental services and solutions consulting business, increases Innu employment and business capacity, and provides training and mentoring.


3.2.3 First Nation and Native American Business Development

Provides a model for developing project-specific joint ventures with Aboriginal communities and companies to pursue engineering and construction business opportunities both on and off reserve and on traditional lands. 


3.2.4 Joint Venture Wind Turbine Project

Joint venture between EPCOR and the Peigan First Nation in southern Alberta to develop a wind power farm on the Peigan First Nation land, leading to benefits in jobs and revenues from “green” electricity.


3.2.5 Northern Business Participation Policy and Program

Supports the development of Aboriginal and northern businesses, resulting in stronger communities and individuals with increased entrepreneurial, business and technical skills.


3.2.6 Purchase of Facilities by First Nations

Facilitates opportunities for the purchase of transmission facilities located on reserve lands by a group of First Nations.


3.2.7 Strategic Business Partnership – Shehtah Nabors LP

Develops a strategic business partnership between Nabors and an Aboriginal-owned contractor in the same business. 


3.2.8 Support for Aboriginal Business Start-Ups

Helps local Aboriginal communities gain the experience and skills required to start up a service rig business that provides local employment and business opportunities.

Link to Program Template (PDF)

3.2.9 Support for Aboriginal Business Start-Ups: Transfer of Management and Operational Skills

Helps Aboriginal business start-ups by ensuring that the management, technical and operational capacity to successfully run the business is in place.


3.2.10 Support for Business Ventures in Specific Project Areas

Expands local services and opportunities, provides new avenues of meaningful and profitable participation for local Aboriginal people in a specific project area, and participates in an equity-building approach to Aboriginal business ventures.


3.2.11 Support for Community Economic Development: Economic Development Officers

Provides Aboriginal communities with the expertise and experience needed to identify and assess business opportunities in their own communities resulting from resource and industrial development. 


3.2.12 Support for Independent Aboriginal Business Start-Ups

Provides local owner/operators and local Aboriginal people with employment and small business opportunities.


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