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3.1 Providing Business Opportunities

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3.1.1 Aboriginal Business Development

Implements targeted procurement measures as part of an Aboriginal affairs strategy that supports local First Nations and Métis communities in achieving economic self-sufficiency through community-based business development.

3.1.2 Aboriginal Business Development Policy

Supports the development of sustainable economic capacity by providing an opportunity for Aboriginal suppliers in the Wood Buffalo region to supply goods and services to Syncrude and to develop as competitive players in the bigger marketplace.

3.1.3 Aboriginal Business Development Success Models

Intended to identify and facilitate business opportunities for Aboriginal entrepreneurs, companies and communities in ways that build on existing business capacity and readiness.

3.1.4 Aboriginal Contractor Database

Measures Aboriginal participation in direct contracts and builds internal awareness of existing Aboriginal businesses in proximity to EnCana’s operations.

3.1.5 Business-Based Relationships with Aboriginal Communities

Intended to provide an opportunity for Aboriginal-based businesses to invest and partner in forestry-based businesses complementary to Tolko’s core business, and proactively engage Aboriginal groups in human resources and skills training associated with existing and new business ventures.

3.1.6 Fox Creek Business Alliance

A successful Aboriginal business model that has held forestry contracts with Hinton Woodlands for 25 years and has diversified into new areas such as campsite maintenance, firefighting and road monitoring.

3.1.7 Local Opportunity Process

Optimizes local economic benefits associated with the development of Petro-Canada’s oil sands projects through guidance, implementation and tracking.

3.1.8 Northern Preferential Supplier Program

Aims to increase the opportunities and strengthen the capabilities of Aboriginal suppliers in northern Saskatchewan.

3.1.9 Supply Chain Management

Provides support for local contracting opportunities through pre-qualification support, sole-sourcing and Aboriginal content requirements for contractors.


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