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2.4 Programs Sponsored by Government and Non-Profit Agencies

Click on the name of the program (shown in underlined text) to view a detailed description of the program.

2.4.1 Aboriginal Addictions Services Program

Prepares addictions practitioners to work with Aboriginal clients in a culturally sensitive manner by blending academic knowledge and Aboriginal values and beliefs to provide an alternative to mainstream addictions educational programs.

2.4.2 Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program

Strengthens the entrepreneurship skills and business management capacity of Aboriginal people in the Wood Buffalo region without their having to leave their jobs or relocate their families.

2.4.3 Aboriginal Human Resources Development Strategy (AHRDS)

Built on six pillars, each focused on expanding the employment opportunities of Aboriginal people across Canada. They are: capacity building, partnerships, horizontal management, internal Service Canada program integration, the Aboriginal Human Resources Council of Canada, and the Aboriginal Human Resources Development Agreements (AHRDAs).

2.4.4 Aboriginal Inclusion Network

Provides a dedicated career site for the Aboriginal community where employers can search for and locate Aboriginal candidates and where Aboriginal candidates can promote themselves.

2.4.5 Aboriginal Labour Force Survey

Provides accurate, monthly labour force data on Aboriginal people living off reserve in Alberta.

2.4.6 Aboriginal Workforce Program Initiative (AWPI)

Works with Aboriginal communities, businesses and organizations, industry, government, labour, and educational institutions to promote activities and partnerships that increase Aboriginal participation in the labour market.

2.4.7 Aboriginal Youth Career Initiative Project

Helps Aboriginal youth build a career vision and pathway by enhancing school and workplace-based experiences to allow full and meaningful participation in the labour force.

2.4.8 Alberta Aboriginal Apprenticeship Project (AAAP)

Aims to improve the participation of Aboriginal people in Alberta’s apprenticeship program, which will have a positive impact on the economies of Aboriginal communities while addressing the increasing demand for skilled trades people.

2.4.9 Blueprint for the Future

Sponsors career fairs to increase Aboriginal students’ awareness of employment opportunities, emerging fields of employment and associated training requirements across diverse sectors of the Canadian workforce.

2.4.10 Connecting to College and Careers (CCC) - Aboriginal Skills and Employment Partnership (ASEP) Program

Gives students the necessary academic and employment skills to either proceed to further formal education or procure and maintain long-term, competitive employment. 

2.4.11 First Nations Training to Employment Partnerships Program

Provides First Nations people (primarily living on reserve) who are unemployed or underemployed with the skills needed for sustained employment in occupations with long-term employment prospects.

2.4.12 Pre-Apprentice and Aboriginal Awareness Training

Describes two construction industry training programs: (1) to improve the track record of the construction industry in attracting and retaining Aboriginal people in the apprenticeship stream; (2) to build a more supportive workplace for Aboriginal workers by training employers and particularly front-line supervisors on Aboriginal culture and human resource issues. Note: these programs are no longer offered but were seen as successful by the industry.

2.4.13 Preparation for Academic and Career Education (PACE) – Aboriginal Skills and Employment Partnership (ASEP) Program

Teaches communication, problem solving, assertiveness, planning and study skills in a six-month program. PACE refreshes math, writing and reading skills and helps the student build a career and educational plan that is realistic and attainable.

2.4.14 Scholarship Program

Aims to increase the number of Aboriginal students pursuing post-secondary education and the number of Aboriginal people returning to the education system.

2.4.15 Taking Pulse Programs

A collective program aimed at increasing Aboriginal workforce participation while addressing the 70-per-cent high school drop-out rate among Métis, First Nation and Inuit youth.

2.4.16 Urban Aboriginal Petroleum Land Administration Program

Provides focused pre-employment training for Aboriginal people that leads to employment and a promising career in Petroleum Land Administration, and an increased Aboriginal employment rate.


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