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2.3 Supporting Recruitment, Retention & Advancement

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2.3.1 Aboriginal Employment Program

Uses targeted employment measures to achieve an Aboriginal employee population that reflects the composition of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. 

2.3.2 Aboriginal Employment Targets

Uses various employment, training and education initiatives to achieve an Aboriginal employee population that reflects the Wood Buffalo region demographic.

2.3.3 Campus Recruitment

Aims to increase Nexen’s Aboriginal workforce by maintaining an ongoing presence at educational institutions and building relationships with students.

2.3.4 Career Access Program

Aims to increase the representation of Aboriginal people among career personnel through recruitment and career development.

2.3.5 Courage to Care

Aims to decrease addictions as a barrier to employment and increase the number of healthy individuals available for training and employment. This workplace and community initiative is based in two Aboriginal communities: Fort McKay and Fort Chipewyan.

2.3.6 Job Shadowing/Mentoring Program

Assists in recruiting Aboriginal employees at entry-level positions through selection of suitable candidates in partnership with Aboriginal communities and provision of work-based experience in an industrial setting.

2.3.7 Royal Eagles

Creates a more receptive work environment for Aboriginal employees by facilitating support networks and recognizing the added value that Aboriginal employees can bring to a company.


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