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2.2 Supporting Employment-Related Training

Click on the name of the program (shown in underlined text) to view a detailed description of the program.

2.2.1 Aboriginal Capacity Building Program: Apprenticeship Training

Assists Aboriginal people in acquiring the apprenticeship training and certification needed to participate in skilled job opportunities in Alberta’s resource-based industries.

2.2.2 Aboriginal Community–based Environmental Training (ACET) Program

Aims to increase local capacity, employment and business opportunities in environmental field services, impact assessment, environmental monitoring, environmental inspection, and on- and off-reserve auditing.

2.2.3 Aboriginal Workforce Capacity Expansion Project (AWCEP)

Aims to increase the education and skill level of Aboriginal adults in north-eastern Alberta for entry-level employability in the resource industry and for further training.

2.2.4 Donation of Training Facility to Northern Lights College

Enables local Aboriginal people to gain qualifications and skills for entry-level service rig positions by training on a service rig.

2.2.5 Drilling Rig Training Program

Introduces more Aboriginal individuals to the energy services industry by training those who are highly capable but may be inexperienced and lack the necessary tools to take employment positions in the industry.

2.2.6 Junior Operator Training

Aims to increase the qualifications and skills of local Aboriginal people through a local training initiative enabling them to take advantage of operator job opportunities.

2.2.7 Petroleum Employment Training (PET) Project

Prepares local trainees for employment opportunities by developing skills and knowledge required by prospective employers.

2.2.8 Sponsorship of Technical Training Facility in Red Deer

Provides Aboriginal people the opportunity to gain qualifications and skills for entry-level service rig positions at an industry training facility.

2.2.9 Trades in Motion (TIM) Trades Training

Provides localized skills enhancement and skills exposure to address retention barriers created by lack of proximity to available service providers and prepares graduates to capitalize on local apprenticeship /employment opportunities in the Conklin/Chard region.

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