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2.1 Supporting Educational Opportunities

Click on the name of the program (shown in underlined text) to view a detailed description of the program.

2.1.1 Aboriginal Education Awards Program

Assists Aboriginal people in achieving greater career success by encouraging them to pursue an advanced education through bursaries for university students, community or technical college students, and secondary school students.

2.1.2 Building Futures Scholarships

Provides training and education scholarships at accredited institutions for students in communities where CNRL has operations, as part of a broader Building Futures Program.

2.1.3 Community E-learning

Delivers high-quality, comprehensive education choices, increases the academic success of Aboriginal students, and creates a pool of talented employees.

2.1.4 Workplace Literacy and Learning Program

Aims to improve the literacy of employees with very low literacy levels, serving as a stepping stone to increase job skills and opportunities.

2.1.5 Youth Stay in School and Work Experience Program

Exposes interested students to local business, oil and gas, and service industries and implements youth work experience programs with local businesses.


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