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1.1 Building Commitment to Corporate Aboriginal Policies

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1.1.1  Aboriginal and Community Relations Management Processes

Provide point of contact and operational guidance for developing and managing successful relationships with Aboriginal and other communities. Aboriginal and Community Relations Process 

Establishes a point of contact between the project, Aboriginal community and company that facilitates information exchange, interaction and communication for developing successful relationships. Community Alliances Program Management Process

Provides overall operational guidance and support to various Ledcor divisions on managing and building relationships with Aboriginal and other communities.

1.1.2 Aboriginal and Local Development Program

Supports development and creates opportunities for Aboriginal and local people and businesses in the vicinity of Flint’s operations.

1.1.3 Aboriginal Cross-Cultural/Business Case Awareness Training

Raises internal awareness of the corporate business case for implementing effective Aboriginal relations programs and strategies, and increases the understanding of Aboriginal peoples.

1.1.4 Aboriginal Relations Awareness Program

Enhances the value of AMEC services in an ever-changing market

1.1.5 Aboriginal Relations Framework

Provides employees, corporate management, the Aboriginal community, principal contractors and other stakeholder and community groups with a practical understanding of Petro-Canada’s commitment to Aboriginal relations and the principles and strategy for delivering on this commitment.

1.1.6 Aboriginal Relations Internal Website

Provides a greater awareness among EnCana employees and contractors leading to more effective engagement with Aboriginal peoples and communities.

1.1.7 Aboriginal Relations Strategy

Provides clear internal direction regarding ATCO Electric’s relationship with the 27 First Nations and six Métis Settlements in the company’s service area in northern and eastern Alberta.

1.1.8 Corporate Aboriginal Guidelines

Provides clear and consistent direction for developing and maintaining relationships with Aboriginal communities.

1.1.9 National Aboriginal Program

Supports Aboriginal community economic development, fosters a labour force consistent with Xerox’s future employment requirements, and develops markets through strategic community investments and initiatives

1.1.10 Policy for Building Aboriginal Relationships

Guides relationship-building with Aboriginal peoples and creates a procedure for measuring progress toward the goal of strengthened Aboriginal relations.

Corporate Policies

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